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Everything has been feeling so heavy lately. These overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety feel like an elephant sitting on top of your chest. You try to seek support from your friends and family, but you don't want to burden them. You know that something needs to shift. The typical ways that you deal with these emotions, either through distraction, alcohol or drugs, or anger outbursts, to name a few, just aren't working for you anymore. This cycle of anxiety and stress doesn't need to be your story. So where do we go from here?


our work together


Here at Equilibrium Psychotherapy, I help individuals anywhere in Ontario age 14+ who struggle with everyday stressors and anxiety.

These overwhelming feelings may involve...

  • Conflict with friends and family

  • Work-related stress and burnout

  • Social anxiety

  • Existential anxiety (life's meaning & purpose)


Together, we will work to develop tools and a non-judgemental space where you can investigate the root of your stress and anxiety and learn how to manage it more effectively.

Our work is totally virtual to provide you convenient and accessible mental healthcare, all on your terms. 

Click below to book your first one-on-one session today.

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where we're headed


What you can expect from our work together...

  • An increased sense of self-awareness of anxiety and stress

  • An ability to practice mindfulness skillfully

  • A comprehensive understanding of how thoughts, feelings, and actions perpetuate the stress cycle

  • Practical & individualized knowledge of how to relax your body to mitigate anxiety and stress

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