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Creating space for both the light and dark parts of you to live in harmony

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psychotherapy resources

video resources

There are many channels and videos on Youtube that can be very helpful resources in combination with your therapist or for additional information outside of your sessions.


  • This TED Talk on self-compassion by Kristin Neff touches on mythbusting the notion that motivation can only be derived from self-criticism. 

  • Therapist Cheryl Bradshaw has her own channel showcasing this video on polyvagal theory (or why we 'overreact'), a great resource for understanding how our body and brain process information and use that in an attempt to protect us.

guided meditations

Guided meditation is a great everyday practice to build into your self-care routine.  Meditation has been shown to have numerous benefits for the brain and nervous system and can leave you feeling better in minutes. 


Image by Adi Ulici

books and guided workbooks

If you're someone who enjoys taking an active and engaged approach to therapy, look no further. Written resources abound, and many have audiobook versions as well if you prefer to listen on its own or as you follow along in your own book. 

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